If the orange light on the Belkin extender is solid orange, it means that the range extender is currently connected to a Wi-Fi network but is experiencing a weak signal. It may be either with a 2.5 GHz band or a 5GHz band. On the other hand, if the orange light is blinking, it implies that the Belkin range extender is ready to set up and it has not been set up yet.

Why blinking orange light on Belkin extender

Distance issues – All wireless devices have limitations when it comes to transmitting Wi-Fi signals. In case, your wireless device is situated too far away from the Belkin extender, consider bringing them closer to each other.

Always remember, the farther the wireless devices are from the router or the extender, the weaker the signal will be. You need to continue to perform a ping on your computer in order to check if you are having a stable Wi-Fi connection.

If you are continuously receiving replies, it means you are getting stable Wi-Fi signals from your router. Consistent time-outs mean the wireless connection is not stable.

ping google.com

Physical obstacles – Physical obstructions can easily interfere with the Wi-Fi signals of an access point. The most common obstructions are as follows:

  1. Drawers or cabinets
  2. Glasses/ mirrors
  3. Metal equipment or objects
  4. Thick ceilings and walls
  • Wireless network interferences – There are many factors that can block or interrupt Wi-Fi signals. The most common sources of interference are:
  • Wi-Fi signals from neighbors’ wifi
  • Microwave ovens
  • 2.4 GHz cordless phones
  • Bluetooth wireless connections
  • Wireless monitors
wifi connection

Troubleshooting Tips

You can try out some basic fundamental troubleshooting steps: Power off your Belkin range extender for 10 seconds and afterward turn it back on and hang tight for a complete 1 minute. We should see, if your Belkin run extender is as yet solid orange.

Place your Belkin range extender adjacent to your router and attach it to the power. Presently hang tight for 1 moment and how about we check whether it is giving you green light or your Belkin N300 extender is yet solid orange?

Trouble shoot belkin range ext orange blink

How to Fix Orange Or Amber Light On Extender

To resolve these wireless network interference issues, you need to change the channel and SSID (network name) of your access point or router. Recommended channels to utilize on the routers and extenders are 1, 6, 9, and 11 since they’re considered non-overlapping channels.

all settings can be managed once you login to belkin.range console.

To figure out how to change your Wi-Fi channel, you need to go to the web portal of your wireless device, Click on wireless settings and you will see the channels drop-down menu. You can choose the value 11 from the drop-down menu bar.

In the event that you don’t know about the settings, it is ideal to leave it at its default settings. The channel, by default, is set to “Auto”. This naturally adjusts the best Wi-Fi channel for your system.
Obsolete or outdated firmware on the router or extender – Obsolete switch firmware can make wireless connection issues. To fix this, update your device’s firmware.

To figure out how to upgrade your Belkin extender’s firmware, you need to access the web portal of your extender, and from there go to the main page of the settings and upgrade the firmware of your extender by clicking on “check for new firmware version”. It will search online for the availability of new firmware of your extender and will install it once found.


Power blackout –

Power outages or electrical intrusions can trigger poor execution of power and loss of your wireless signal from your extender. In case you’re not getting the proper signal after a power blackout, unplug your device, and afterward plug it back in.

In any case, if the power cycle still does not resolve the issue, you may need to reconfigure the Wi-Fi settings of your extender.

Troubleshoot Belkin Range extender

Try out these advanced troubleshooting steps for your Belkin range extender, if the orange light still keeps blinking. Talking about myself, if I ever find out that my Belkin N300 extender is not working properly, I always check the IP address of the extender, since it tells you a lot about the health of your Belkin wireless N300 range extender health and you can find the root cause of the issue.

In case if you are getting your Wi-Fi range extender connected to its default IP address, at that point this issue might be with the wireless connectivity or the setup was not completed properly. You need to re-setup and install your range extender again with your router.

But, in case if you are getting IP from APIPA (169. X.X.X), at that point this issue can be identified with equipment or firmware. In that circumstance, you have to reset the Belkin range extender and set up it once more.

Press and hold the reset button on the bottom of your range extender by using a paper clip or a small screwdriver for 30 seconds. After powering off your range extender for one minute, you can then turn your Belkin range extender back on.

Once your Belkin run extender will be powered back on, you have to connect your PC to the wireless extender utilizing an Ethernet cable.

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In the wake of interfacing your range extender to the PC, it’s an opportunity to set up Belkin run extender by and by, so proceed and setup the Belkin extender again.

Hope this helps you with Belkin range extender.