Nobody Needs to Tell you how important is the Range Extender for your existing wireless network. Belkin range Extenders are among the top 5 Home range extenders Available in the market However like All machines it’s Quite to have Problems with them too.

Today in this Post We Will Not only Tell you How to Reset the Belkin extender also we will guide you to perform a Troubleshooting Guide on how to Avoid Doing Belkin extender Reset.

we have noticed a lot of people perform unnecessary Hard reset on the Belkin extender on the first sign of any problem but that is not the answer. While its a Useful tool but in many cases, we have seen Hardware failure on the Respective Router Or Extender.

Belkin Extender Reset

There are many Ways to Reset the Belkin extender Depending on the Model Number of Your Belkin Extender but Most of the Belkin extenders have almost the Same Kind of Methods to Restore the settings to default settings.

Irrespective of Model, Band, Or Configuration Type One Can Perform these Instructions to Get the Belkin Extender Reset Done.

Pro-Reset Tips

Just to make sure You are Doing the Reset for the Right Reasons & with Right, Equipment Please Perform a Basic Troubleshooting Step Before Proceeding further.

  • Connect With Main Wireless Router & check the Internet & if the Internet is not working With Main Existing Router than the Problem Lies Somewhere Else & There is No Need to Reset Belkin Extender.
  • Check the Modem to Confirm Internet Light in On & Solid if Light Codes are Not Solid Probably Its time you Contact Internet Service Provider Instead of Doing a Reset on Belkin range extender.
no internet
  • if you believe that your Modem & Router devices are Working then perform a Finale Basic Troubleshooting on Belkin Extender
  • Just Restart the Range Extender & Give it a Minute Or 2 for it to Cool Down and then Plug it into the Power Again. After your Extender Has Started Properly Please go to Your Computer or Smartphone to Confirm you have the Internet connectivity from Range Extender.
  • Make Sure you Place the range Extender Win in 30-45 Feet From the Main Router Depending On Your Router Signal Reach
  • Login to the Belkin extender Console to Check The Settings & Update the firmware to the latest Version Available.
check belkin router firmware

With All These Things Fail to Fix Belkin Extender Than Its Time for You to Perform a Reset On Belkin Range Extender

Reset Belkin Extender –

It’s Quite Easy for you to Just Reset the Belkin range extender in an Instant. Please Follow This Recommended Method- use a Rubber Glove as a Precaution if possible

  • Plug the Belkin Range Extender to Power Source Because Reset is Only Effective While Its On.
  • Look at the Bottom of Range extender to Find a Reset key Or a Tiny Hole That Says Reset
  • Use a Tiny Object Such as Paperclip, Toothpick, Or Anything Similar to Press the Reset Key & Hold it Till You See all Light on the Belkin extender start Flashing.
reset belkin range extender
  • After 10-12 seconds Let the Reset Key go & Reboot the Extender By Turning the Power Switch On & Off
  • Now your Belkin range extender Has been successfully Reset & Ready to be Configured.
  • Since it’s a Plug & Play Device With Very Fewer Configuration Requirements, it Should be Easy for you to set up Belkin Range Extender.

we are Quite Positive That these steps Would really Help you Fix Belkin range Extender However if this Failed We Recommend Repeat the same Steps Again. here is another simple and quick example of a range extender reset to default settings.

Be advised that Over-doing Hard Reset May Cause Hardware Failure or orange light on your Belkin extender so Perform the steps Carefully.

There is One More Way One Could Reset the Belkin range extender Without Doing a Hard Reset.

Belkin Extender Console Reset

to Perform this Reset you Must be Logged in to your Belkin extender Console so Even if you have No Internet Via Extender You can Still Login & change the settings.

  • Plug the Extender into Power Outlet & Turn the Power On
  • connecting an Ethernet Cable From Your Extender to your Laptop Or Desktop.
connect laptop with extender
  • Open your internet Browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Google Or Microsoft Edge.
type belkin.range in browser
  • type Belkin.range Or to open the Belkin console
  • Go to Settings & Restore all the settings. After Reset Please Restart the Range Extender and Setup it up using fresh settings.

Please Provide Feedback via Your comments & let us know if this Can be improved. we hope all of this information would help you reset the Belkin extender.